Welcome tostudio

studio It is a space that breathes ingenious energy and can contain all your creative outbursts! In here, furniture design ideas are born, cultivated, and executed. A collaborative workspace for clients, designers, and our team to bring out the best of bespoke furniture! With an extensive in-house library showcasing different variants of wood, metal, fabric, and stone, you can now get a first-hand experience of what your furniture will look and feel like. Some of our signature pieces are also on display, inspiring innovation


Meet your clients

Consider this as your space where you bring in clients, present your designs, and conduct reviews.

Your design station

Come over and let your imagination run wild!

Explore our library

We’ve put together an exhaustive collection of material and fabric sourced from around the world.

Be a part of our community

Some casual meet-ups, workshops with industry experts, and mega-events are on their way!

A one-stop space

If you have a project in mind and you dream of creating bespoke furniture that matches your theme, here’s an end-to-end solution.

Find your designer

Let’s connect you to a gifted designer from our network who can give structure to your vision.

Explore our collection

You’ll get to see some of our most celebrated pieces of furniture which can be made on order.

Choose your material

Take a walk along the aisles of our library with your designer and choose what will go into your furniture.