Secret Sauce

Hush!!! We are only giving you a sneak peek into the ingredients that go into those mesmerizing pieces of furniture!

But you can be assured that only the very best goes into them! We craft furniture in existing standard combinations or are also game to out-of-the-box ideas and creating new combinations from scratch!

Metal and wood combination
Ratan and wood combination
Rope and wood combination
Marble/stone with metal combination

We ensure that all material that go into the making of our bespoke line of furniture pieces are fire retardant.


We have a huge collection of the world’s best furnishing fabrics with us. Based on your requirements and the nature of the project, we do suggest our choice of fabric or combinations which we believe will be best suited for you. However, if you feel that your project needs fabrics outside of our collection, we can source them for you easily.

Sourced, and curated from the world over to give our custom-made furniture pieces, upholstery that radiate opulence. It is indeed a difficult decision to make, as the fabric and leather options at our disposal are enormous. We have a dedicated team to choose the most appropriate fabric/ leather depending on the style of furniture, the theme it belongs to, and the clients’ budget. We are dealing with some of the world’s finest fabric and leather brands


Furniture is for a lifetime. And for it to stay so, the quality of wood is a prerequisite. We, at TCFC, craft our products of bespoke furniture with the world’s supreme choices of wood - Oak wood, Teak wood, Mahogany, Walnut and more! We are proficient in carving intricate designs, and sleek cuts on wood to make people go wow!


The use of exotic stones and marble in furniture escalates their beauty significantly. Our team travels the world to find marble and stones from their very sources to create never- seen-before bespoke furnishing marvels. We give utmost importance to the grains, colors, and vein patterns while choosing marble and stones. Carrara marble, a premium stone mostly used by Italian designers, Calacatta marble, a tad bit brighter than Carrara, Empador marble all the way from Spain, and Travertine, for those who prefer a natural matte finish, are a few among the many stones we use while crafting bespoke furniture.

The Chef’s Touch

Ingredients in the right proportion, rigorous execution of processes, quality control at every phase, and an eye for detail are what help TCFC leave its signature on every single piece of furniture that it crafts. For us, every project is a flagship project, for we want your spaces to ooze comfort and swag!

  • Exquisite designs
  • Quality assurance
  • Focus on detail and precision